It's not always pretty, but it gets the job done.

It's not always pretty, but it gets the job done.

Need to tame a fly hair? Mom spit. Crumbs stuck to face from recent snack? Mom spit. Fix a squeaky door hinge or glue a toy piece back on with it. It's powerful stuff, that mom spit. It can even show how much you care.

About Me

First and foremost, I AM a mommy.  You’d be surprised how many mommy bloggers and/or parenting experts out there don’t have children.

I have a daughter, J, born in summer of 2010.  She was born in the comfort and love of our home.

I hate hospitals.  Not for what they do, because they are vital and important.   I hate being in one.

I love my husband (known as The Husband).  He is my best friend, and mostly because he’s the gay-est straight man I know.

I believe sexual orientation is not something to debate about.  It’s either your choice or it’s the way you were born and either way I have no say in how you should live your life.  Just be happy.

I have purple hair.  Wouldn’t it be cool if I could say I was born this way?

The Husband convinced me to get purple hair.

I am not a size 4.  Or 8.  Or even 12.  GASP!  The HORROR!  What am I?  Happy.  J

I like to scrapbook.  I like crafts.

I like fishing and camping and building furniture.

I dress my daughter in skulls and crossbones and big HUGE bows.

I am a working mommy.  I love my job…most days.  I hate being away from my daughter…most days.  I love her daycare…usually.

I don’t tell people how to live their life.  I only tell them how I live mine.