It's not always pretty, but it gets the job done.

It's not always pretty, but it gets the job done.

Need to tame a fly hair? Mom spit. Crumbs stuck to face from recent snack? Mom spit. Fix a squeaky door hinge or glue a toy piece back on with it. It's powerful stuff, that mom spit. It can even show how much you care.

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's a Make Over in Record Time!

During the holiday break I decided to finally tackle a spot in my house that was long overdue for some attention.  My laundry closet has spent too many days occupying my mind on the depth of the disaster that laid in it.

It was also a perfect opportunity to keep my mind distracted while in the mist of waiting for doctor appointments and call backs and such.

It started out like this:

I don't think there is enough time to explain what all is in there and why.  Plus, I'd probably be a little boring, and I care for my 2 readers (I'm talking about you, lady).

I also needed to fit these items on the shelfs:

These were Christmas gifts that certainly weren't going to find a place in the few other cabinets I have in my kitchen.

I figured it would a couple hour project.  so I cleaned the shelves out.  I then realized the shelves were filthy.  so I wiped them down.  I then realized the shelves paint was chipping.  So I found some brown paint in our garage to repaint the shelves with.

But, being so close to the walls had me quickly realizing that the walls needed a fresh coat of paint, too.

Do you see how this is quickly getting out of hand?  And so goes most of my "quick" renovation projects.

I found a gallon of flat white paint in the garage.  I figured it needed to be shaken up so before pouring it into the roller pan.  And just as I was doing I thought it might be a bad idea to shake it and should probably just stir it...

Paint splattered 8 or so feet away.  Somehow, it missed my car (seen just on the left edge of the pic above) and missed the upholstered chair 3 feet away.  My jeans, however, were not so lucky.  My shirt even less so.  I was able to put the jeans directly into the washer (after using half a role of paper towels to clean my feet) and the shirt was sprayed off outside.  My quick like a cat reflexes in this disaster saved my clothes, but not my dignity.  The 12+ friends that were over for New Years Eve all insisted on seeing my lovely piece of art work.

Eventually, the walls got painted.  But all the paint had to dry.

When I explained to The Husband what I was doing he surprised me with a suggestion.  He asked if he were to give me a $150 budget would I be able to find organizational items at The Container store to make the transformation most successful.

Are you kidding?  Do you think I could spend money at The Container store?

Hell to tha yeah!

Yet, timing and life in general got in the way for a few days.  Two days later, after getting the results from the doctor, The Husband with me at the time, seemed appropriate for some retail therapy.

The Husband quickly learned why this store is one of my favorites, and one of the most dangerous places for me to shop.  I mean, how can you NOT love something with "The" in the name... ;)

He also found the best sort of household equipment - any item that can serve multiple purposes.

It's a woven basket AND a fabulous hat!

And, when it was all said in done, here's what we got:

Shall I post the before for a side by side reference?

And if I so choose, I can just block it ALL off and pretend it's even prettier than the above.

There you have it.  And now you may click unfollow as a result of me torturing you with my extremely entertaining and exciting Laundry Closet Make Over!


  1. Holy crap! I must be a freak because I love stuff like this! It looks AMAZING! Really! I'm sorry you had to paint the floor of your garage and yourself in the process, but it turned out fabulous!

  2. It really does look nice. I wish I had more motivation for my house to be organized. It's a disaster. Yours is always lovely.

  3. Looks great! I love that you hung the little curtain up so you can hide it. I love The Container Store but I haven't be able to drag my guy into it. I think watching me shop once at Bed Bath and Beyond scared him. :)


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